Native Ag Media Education Webinar Series

September 2023

The communications teams from IAC, IFAI, and NAAF have combined efforts to lead this two-part webinar series focused on educating media professionals on the history and best practices for covering Native Agriculture in the media.

Indian Agriculture 101

Discussing Native Ag Production and Tribal Food Sovereignty Past, Present, and Future


Telling the Story of Tribal Agriculture

Building Relationships in Indian Country & Best Practices


CDFA Tribal Finance Webinar Series

In this episode of the CDFA Tribal Financing Webinar Series, panelists explore how tribal governments are cultivating local food systems with financing solutions that support economic growth and advance community health.

Building Native Agriculture

Sowing the Seeds of Growth with Capacity Building

This comprehensive report showcases the concepts behind the webinar series Building Native Agriculture, “Sowing the seeds of growth with capacity building in Native agriculture.” This series assists tribes and tribal organizations in building robust economies in agriculture through a step-by-step process of how to create a sustainable food system.

USDA Loan Servicing Assistance to Distressed Farm Loan Borrowers: Tax Implications and How to Prepare

On October 18, 2022 the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that distressed borrowers with qualifying USDA farm loans recently received nearly $800 million in assistance. This funding was mainly derived from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), with some additional resources coming from the COVID-19 Pandemic Relief. Through the IRA, USDA was directed to expedite services to distressed borrowers with either direct or guaranteed loans. Many Native American farmers, ranchers, and producers will receive debt relief before the end of 2022.

The Native American Agriculture Fund has partnered with Rob Holcomb, a tax expert at the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota, as a resource to Native farmers, ranchers, and producers to provide financial education as these payments are released.

Reimagining Hunger Responses in Times of Crisis

Learn more about findings and recommendations from a survey which illuminates the challenges of food security in Indian Country during COVID-19 and the Tribally-driven solutions needed to address those challenges head on.


Inflation, food at home, and selling to the usda

This Quarterly Ag Report focuses on Inflation, Food at Home, and Selling to the USDA.

Utilizing SPINS market research, the team at NAAF will provide market data for free with each report equaling a $500 value.

Organic Claims-Based Marketing

This report focuses on Organic Claims-Based Marketing. It explains the current organic market and the basic requirements for organic production and handling.

Building Native Agriculture

Webinar Series

This webinar series “Sowing the Seeds of Growth through Capacity Building” focuses on how foodways, cultures, and needs tie into the different building blocks for Indigenous agriculture systems. This series, hosted by the Native American Agriculture Fund, supports Tribes and Tribal organizations as they work to build their own robust economies in agriculture. Watch our video series on YouTube.

Watch Past Webinars

Building Native Agriculture

Standing Up Infrastructure

Are you interested in building or enhancing infrastructure in your tribal community? Learn more from this episode of Building Native Agriculture.

Funding Opportunities and Writing a Grant

There are several funding opportunities available for your agriculture operation. Learn more about how to find, schedule, and write grant proposals.

Strategic Planning and Feasability

In this episode learn how foodways, cultures, and needs tie into business plans – the foundation for Indigenous agriculture systems.

Labor and Training Opportunities

Are you wanting to know more about how to find labor and support for your agriculture operation?  Watch this episode to learn more about training and data resources, and training development and funding availability.

Hazard Analysis Critical control point (Haccp) and food safety plans

Do you have questions on how to develop a food safety plan for your processing plant? Learn more from our guest speaker on the seven principles of HACCP and additional resources Native producers have available to them.

Using Tribal product in retail and Vertical Integration


Have you been considering what it takes to put Tribal produced products on the market? Learn more about the different skills you need to build your distribution processes.

How tribal Foods tie into feeding programs

Do you want Native foods to be a part of federal feeding programs? Learn how to support Native communities in this episode of Building Native Agriculture.

Agriculture policy

Are you wanting more Native led initiatives in policies governing agriculture? Learn more about agriculture policy and the efforts going into the 2023 Farm Bill.

NAAF Publications

A Vision For Native Food and Agriculture Infrastructure Rebuilding and Recovery

Advocating for the Federally-Recognized Extension Program (FRTEP)