Quarterly Agriculture Webinar

Join the Native American Agriculture Fund as we dive into different sectors of the agriculture marketplace. 

Utilizing SPINS market research, the team at NAAF will delve into how the pandemic has altered consumer needs and how this will impact the long-term production of all kinds of agricultural products. 

Building Native Agriculture

Webinar Series

This webinar series “Sowing the Seeds of Growth through Capacity Building” focuses on how foodways, cultures, and needs tie into the different building blocks for Indigenous agriculture systems. This series, hosted by the Native American Agriculture Fund, supports Tribes and Tribal organizations as they work to build their own robust economies in agriculture. Join us every third Thursday for new updates on our series or watch our videos on YouTube.

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Building Native Agriculture

Standing Up Infrastructure

Are you interested in building or enhancing infrastructure in your tribal community? Learn more from this episode of Building Native Agriculture.

Funding Opportunities and Writing a Grant

There are several funding opportunities available for your agriculture operation. Learn more about how to find, schedule, and write grant proposals.

Strategic Planning and Feasability

In this episode learn how foodways, cultures, and needs tie into business plans – the foundation for Indigenous agriculture systems.

Labor and Training Opportunities

Are you wanting to know more about how to find labor and support for your agriculture operation?  Watch this episode to learn more about training and data resources, and training development and funding availability.

Hazard Analysis Critical control point (Haccp) and food safety plans

Do you have questions on how to develop a food safety plan for your processing plant? Learn more from our guest speaker on the seven principles of HACCP and additional resources Native producers have available to them.

Using Tribal product in retail and Vertical Integration


Have you been considering what it takes to put Tribal produced products on the market? Learn more about the different skills you need to build your distribution processes.

NAAF Publications

A Vision For Native Food and Agriculture Infrastructure Rebuilding and Recovery

Advocating for the Federally-Recognized Extension Program (FRTEP)