Open Positions
Board of Trustee Position

The Native American Agriculture Fund will seek applications to fill open Board of Trustee vacancies.

Note on Grantee Eligibility: 

Organizations led or managed by a sitting Trustee are not eligible for grants from NAAF while they are on the Board and for one year after their term(s) end. Those chosen to act as Trustees may continue their involvement with other non-affiliated entities through employment or board service. NAAF maintains a comprehensive conflict of interest policy that rigorously separates Trustees from discussions and decisions related to affiliated entities seeking funding. If you lead or manage an organization that may wish to apply for NAAF grants, please reach out to us at to discuss the situation before you submit an application for Trustee. 

Qualifications of the Native American Agriculture Fund Board of Trustees:   

  • Two-thirds of the Trustees must have substantial knowledge of agricultural issues, the needs of Native American farmers and ranchers, or other substantive knowledge relevant to accomplishing the Trust’s Mission.   
  • At least one Trustee shall have professional finance and investment experience; and   
  • At least one Trustee shall have professional grant making experience.   

Priority will be given to Keepseagle Claimants and those with Agriculture Production Experience. 

Other preferred qualifications include: 

  • Keepseagle Claimant. 
  • Documented Leadership experience. 
  • Agriculture Production experience. 
  • Knowledge and experience working with Tribal producers or Tribal entities. 
  • Experience with similarly situated organizations.   
  • Experience with private charitable trusts.   
  • Current or prior CEO, CFO or COO or Tribal Leadership experience.    
  • Relevant skill sets, including legal, finance, investment, auditing, government affairs, public relations, community experience.    
  • Knowledge of NAAF and NAAF’s stakeholder communities.   
  • Agrobusiness experience. 
  • Philanthropy experience. 
  • Non-profit management experience.  
  • Documented board experience.   
  • Aquaculture experience.  
  •  Ag Policy experience.  
  • Ag Scientists  
  • Ag Specialists  
  • Extension Agents 

Finance experience:  

    • MBA  
    • CFA  
    • Private Equity  
    • Investment management   
    • Fixed-income   
    • Macro economics  

    To Apply:

    1. Go to (or use the link provided above)
    2. Select ‘Create New Account’ and fill out the registration form. Note: We use this system for grant-making as well, so some of the questions serve dual purposes.
      1. Enter your full legal name for Organization Name.
      2. Enter “00-0000000” for EIN. Ignore the warning saying this EIN is already in the system.
      3. Select “Yes” for Organization Signing Authority.
    3. From the Applicant Dashboard, click “Apply” in the top left area of the page.
    4. Click the blue “Apply” button next to the Board of Trustee Application to begin.
    5. Be sure to click the blue “Submit” button to send your application to NAAF for review.
    6. You may reach out to Sarah Hiatt at with questions.