2021 Native Youth Grantees

After a competitive review process, the following organizations were awarded Native youth grants during the 2021 Youth Request for Applications cycle. Learn more about this year’s $1 million investment in Native Youth.

Any questions about these 2021 Native Youth Grantees can be sent to grants@NativeAmericanAgricultureFund.org.


Akitptan is a Native Community Development Fund Initiative (CDFI) providing loans and technical assistance for agricultural operations in Indian Country. With NAAF funding, Akiptan will develop a scholarship program to support Native college students studying agriculture-related majors.  

American Indigenous Business Leaders 

American Indigenous Business Leaders (AIBL) is a non-profit dedicated solely to promotion of Indigenous youth in the business sector. With NAAF funding, AIBL will sponsor 60 Indigenous youth to attend their conference where they will engage in agri-business training.  

Ancestral Lands 

The Ancestral Lands Conservation Corp (ALCC) is dedicated to enhancing ecological and cultural well-being for Native youth on tribal lands. With NAAF funding, ALCC will train the next generation of Native farmers to enhance localized food systems for their tribes. 

Arapaho Ranch Field Station 

The Arapaho Ranch Field Station (ARFS) works with partners on the Wind River Reservation to promote ranching operations for tribal members. With NAAF funding, ARFS will form the Ag Leadership Collective, a youth mentorship program encouraging tribal youth to pursue agriculture-related ventures. 

California Indian Museum and Cultural Center 

The California Indian Museum and Cultural Center (CIMCC) supports their Tribal Youth Ambassadors in agribusiness through Advancing Cultural Opportunities to Reclaim Nutrition (ACORN). With NAAF funding, CIMCC will provide interactive training for 10 Native youth seeking to purchase a 5+ acre oak woodland to continue their acorn harvesting practices.  

Cheyenne River Youth Project 

The Cheyenne River Youth Project (CYRP) is grassroots, not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing the youth of the Cheyenne River reservation with access to a vibrant and secure future. With NAAF funding, CRYP will train Lakota teens in Indigenous farming, entrepreneurship and agricultural business development.  

College of Menominee Nation 

College of Menominee Nation (CMN) is a tribal land grant institution working in food systems sustainability and focusing on connections between the Menominee and their lands. With NAAF funding, CMN will launch the Menominee Youth Wildcrafting project to prepare local youth for a career in agriculture related to traditional plants. 

Fresno American Indian Health Project 

The Fresno American Indian Health Project (FAIHP) promotes a culture of wellness and healing for tribal communities in the Fresno, CA area. With NAAF funding, FAIHP will create a pipeline of Future Native Farmers beginning with 3rd to 6th graders using a culturally relevant gardening curriculum to generate excitement and interest in agriculture.  

HoChunk Community Capital  

HoChunk Community Capital, Inc. (HCC) supports agricultural economic development for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. With NAAF funding, HCC’s “Grow Our Own” project will engage Native youth in education, hands-on training, and mentorship focused on ag-sector career paths by providing apprenticeships, summer employment, matched savings accounts, and micro-loans. 

Homestead Community Development Corporation 

Homestead Community Development Corporation’s (HCDC) mission is to develop economic opportunities on or near the trust lands of the Native Hawaiian people. With NAAF funding, HCDC will organize a youth council to engage youth through finance & business training, policy exploration, hands-on project experience, and equity grants. 

Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative 

The Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative (IFAI) focuses on promoting tribally driven solutions to revitalize and advance Native food systems through diversifying economic development opportunities. With NAAF funding, IFAI will empower Native youth through leadership training on issues of access to capital and climate resiliency. 

Mission Valley FFA 

Misson Valley FFA strengthens student potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. With NAAF funding, Mission Valley FFA will invest in infrastructure for greater education opportunities and provide Native students access to loans so they can begin building their agri-business. 

New Mexico State University – American Indian Business Enterprise Center 

New Mexico State University’s American Indian Business Enterprise Center (NMSU) partners with Navajo Technical University to serve Indigenous students interested in agriculture. With NAAF funding, NMSU’s Innoventure Native Youth Ag Camp will guide Native youth on how to build a plan for ranch management.  

Owens Valley Indian Water Commission 

Owens Valley Indian Water Commission (OVIWC) works with Payahuunadü tribes to advance self-sufficiency, sovereignty, sustainability, food security and improve the restoration of land and water conditions within the area. With NAAF funding, OVIWC will provide Native students education on business decision-making skills while incorporating cultural values. 

Peacekeeper Society 

The Peacekeeper Society (PS) provides mentoring and economic opportunities for Yakama youth to preserve Indigenous cultural traditions and promote positive social change. With NAAF funding, PS will use create the Native Youth Food Preservation Program to focus on building the foundation for future entrepreneurs and traditional food caretakers. 

Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians 

The Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians works to increase capacity and capability in their local food systems by creating a sustainable food environment mindful of cultural values. With NAAF funding, Red Lake Band’s Miinikaan – “Seeds” project will teach students how to manage, sustain, harvest, and effectively fund local food production and gathering of wild plants. 

Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa 

Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa are committed to protecting their inherent sovereignty, preserving and promoting their culture, and improving the quality of life for future generations. With NAAF funding, they will establish a year-round Meskwaki Youth Agriculture Club which will teach students tribal values, tribal economics, land stewardship and tribal agriculture. 

The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development 

The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) helps Native tribes and businesses gain access to economic opportunity and growth. With NAAF funding, NCAIED’ will train over 350 Native students in agricultural entrepreneurship and will select 20 students to develop and present a specialized business plan at the Reservation Economic Summit. 

Three Sisters Gardens 

Three Sisters Gardens (TSG) serves community members through workshops on agricultural skills, research training, youth education and hands-on experience opportunities with food production processes. With NAAF funding, TSG will focus on developing necessary agriculture skills during a 12-month time period for Native youth impacted by incarceration. 

University of Arizona 

The University of Arizona’s tribal extension program engages Native American communities through education and outreach on agricultural development, sustainability, and resiliency. With NAAF funding, Arizona’s Preserving Indigenous Agricultural Wisdom project will provide hands-on agricultural learning experiences for students on tribal lands.