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Resources for Native farmers affected by Midwest floods

News alert | March 25, 2019

The Great Plains have been devastated by flooding in recent weeks. All weather reports indicate that flooding in the region and beyond may continue, with impacts spreading elsewhere. The disaster has displaced many families and greatly impacted Native farmers and ranchers in the region. Tribal nations are working to address the needs of their citizens, restore water, power and other critical resources, and repair infrastructure damage. The effects of this flooding will linger, and tribes and Native people need all the help they can get. If you know of anyone affected, please direct them to the links below.

Native American Agriculture Fund to begin grantmaking in 2019

Press release | December 11, 2018

Newest and largest Native philanthropic organization launched website today, seeks public input on priorities

The Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF) launched its website today and is soliciting public feedback to inform NAAF’s priorities and future funding activities. NAAF plans to begin its first round of grantmaking in 2019. To view the survey and find additional information about NAAF, please visit

Native American Agriculture Fund to distribute $266 million

Philanthropy News Digest | August 14, 2018

“A decades-long battle to resolve claims that the U.S. Department of Agriculture systematically discriminated against Native American farmers and ranchers has come to an end with the establishment of a trust that will distribute $266 million from a 2010 civil rights settlement in which the U.S. government agreed to pay $680 million in damages for nearly twenty years of systematic discrimination in the awarding of farm loans.”